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Angler David Drinkard wade fishing in the Gulf with a Texas Best Wading Vest which includes two rod holders and a tacklebox securely between the shoulder blades and out of the saltwater optimizing the opportunity to catch giant fish.


~ Exclusively from
  Drinkard & Company


After 40 years of wade-fishing, I decided it was time to design my own wade fishing vest with three main goals in mind. First, to be able to carry extra rods, reels, and tackle, however I wanted my rod holders to be rigid allowing very little movement. Second, I wanted my tackle, as well as my rod and reels, to stay dry and above the waterline, even on chest-deep wades. Last but not least, I wanted all my rods, reels, and tacklebox to be positioned behind me, out of the way, yet still accessible when needed without having to remove the vest. 
Mission accomplished. - TEXAS BEST WADING VEST - Enjoy.
Texas Best Wading Vest - Includes two rods holders and awater-resistant tacklebox which sits securely between the shouldblades for waistdeep wade fishing. Order at
Texas Best Wading Vest in Sand / Camo - Includes two rod holders and a water-resistant tacklebox - Order at
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