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We want to share with you some amazing talent and craftsmanship with links to our family and friends' family-owned businesses. We are so blessed to know these talented Texan entrepreneurs  and we hope that you become familiar with their work and get to know them as well!

                                                                                                                                           ~ David & Jessica Drinkard

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David Drinkard was born in 1948 in Lufkin, Texas. He lived his entire life on the Texas gulf coast, where he had been hunting and fishing since his boyhood. His art depicts the subject matter which has been his life long passion. His work centers on South Texas fish and game and his pursuit of that game. David’s art has been featured on the cover of many sporting magazines and books, and has also been commissioned for a number of Texas state stamps.

Browse through many of his beautiful prints and order various sizes on either paper or canvas. 

We are a new company excited to introduce some classics from the legendary David Drinkard artwork. David Drinkard was a cherished artist, but even more so a beloved man! He was able to capture our hearts with his real-life experiences. Any outdoorsman can relate to the realistic artwork from their own hunting and fishing journeys. Help us keep David Drinkard's memory and art alive by sharing and promoting our page. We want to bring his art to clothing and to all of those who will always remember David Drinkard.

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Painting outside of a chapel is one of the unique experiences I look forward to. It's about two hours before the rush, and everything is still. This chapel is in what feels like an enchanted woods, entirely surrounded by nature. The weather was beautiful, and my only company was God and the wind. ~ Brittney Drinkard

A good rod may not instantly make you a better angler but a poor rod will be a limiting factor for any angler. Your rod is a tool, and a good craftsman will always do better work with a good tool. A good rod will allow you to feel much more of what's going on with your lure. For instance, you'll be able to tell if you're dragging your jig through mud, sand, rock, sticks, etc., and more importantly, when you get bite, which can often be hard to detect. Part of being a good angler is the ability to place your lure exactly where you want it, often as quietly as possible, and a good rod will definitely help your casting ability with more responsive graphite and perfectly engineered actions.

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Most stingrays that a fisherman will encounter are small and will issue a glancing blow as they push away to escape. Unprotected, this type of hit will penetrate almost all footwear that is not made with protective material. Our boots protect very well against this common type of hit. If a fisherman steps directly on part of a ray then the hit will usually be harder as the ray tries to get free. These hits will certainly go through non protective footwear and even many wading boots. Our boots will protect very well against this type of hit also. We have many testimonials attesting to the fact that folks have been protected from penetration from ray hits. Even one on camera!

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